Duration: 5 hours


Chartres is a medieval town, located on the west bank of the Eure river. It is rightly famous over the world
for the Chartres Cathedral, considered to be one of the finest examples of the French Gothic style, inspiring
the great architects of the XIII century to design other grand Gothic cathedrals in Paris, Rouen, Laon, Soissons,
Amiens, Carcassonne and Prague.


chartres 1

The spires of the magnificent Chartres Cathedral
with perfectly preserved original details, design
and superb stained glass windows,
dominate the landscape around the town.

chartres 2

You can take a walk through
the narrow winding streets of the town,
lined with ancient gabled houses
and steep stairways leading down the river.
Enjoy the view of the picturesque historic district
with its humpbacked bridge, the Benedictine abbey,
water mills and garden of the bishop's palace
with a view of the Saint-Andre church.



chartres 3

Also taste the Mentchikoffs candies,
created in Chartres in honour of
the Franco-Prussian alliance and named after
Aleksandr Menshikov, favorite of Peter I.






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