Duration: 4 hours


A respectable suburb Versailles in Parisian area is famous for the magnificent Palace of Versailles. The palace is one
of the finest achievements of the XVIII-century art; built in baroque style, it symbolizes an absolute royal power
and epitomizes harmony, delight and perfection.

versailles parc 1
The Palace of Versailles originally was no more than
just a modest hunting lodge built in 1624 by Louis XIII.
By decree of Louis XIV in 1660, the great architects Louis Le Vau
and Jules Hardouin-Mansart rebuilt and expanded the vacation residence,
centering the political power of France in the new-built castle.


versailles parc 2


The Palace Gardens designed by the landscaper Andre Le Notre,
is a masterpiece of French gardening and just another good reason
to visit Versailles. The gardens were enlarged several times
and now cover nearly 101 hectares spread with number of terraces,
flowers, fountains, immense basins and a vast collection of outdoor sculptures.

versailles 2


The Palace of Versailles is also well-known for the Hall of Mirror
containing 357 mirrors used for decoration along the 17 arch wall.
It was used just for the ceremonies on exceptional occasions,
such as royal weddings and luxury royal balls.


versailles 1

In conclusion of the tour you will have the opportunity
to stroll through the beautiful former Royal Tuileries Garden,
that was created by a French landscape architect Andre Le Notre,
the author of the Park of Versailles.





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