Duration: 2 hours


The Cite Island is the historical and geographical centre of Paris. While walking through the island you will see the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral and the great Palace of Justice lying along the Seine with the streets lined with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops offering visitors the chance to buy souvenirs.

The Saint-Louis Island is a small charming oasis in the center of Paris. While the major part of Paris has changed over the years, the island is still romantically frozen in the XVII century. It is lined with fascinating boutiques and luxurious villas.
Also in the always crowded “Maison Bertillon” cafe you can taste the most delicious and exquisite ice cream in France.


pont tournelle
Tournelle Bridge

The Tournelle Bridge was built in 1651
in the place of the old wooden bridge linking the left bank
with the Saint-Louis Island since 1370.
The east side of the bridge is decorated
with the statue of Saint Genevieve,
the patroness of Paris.

notre dame de paris - cite

Notre Dame Cathedral

Construction of the cathedral began
in the XII century and continued almost two centuries.
The cathedral is designed based on Gothic architecture,
with several large rose windows, colorful stained glasses,
pointed arches and spires, and innovative sculptures,
such as Gargoyles. The Notre Dame Cathedral now
is more then just a part of culture,
it is the geographical and spiritual heart of Paris.


hotel dieu

The Hotel-Dieu is one of the oldest hospitals
in Europe. It was founded by Saint Landry in 651 AD
and still is considered to be among
the best health institutions of Paris.


palais de justice
Palace of Justice

The great architectural ensemble of the Palace of Justice
occupies the major part of the Cite Island and consists of
the castle Conciergerie, the marvelous church Sainte-Chapelle
and the palace itself. In lieu of the building used to be
the official seat of the Parliament of Paris,
nowadays the Palace of Justice houses numerous state courts,
including the Paris court of large claims,
correctional court and the court of appeal.


st chapelle
Holy Chapel

The Holy Chapel is the jewel of Gothic architecture
built by decree of Louis IX to store the relicts
brought from Constantinople in the middle of the XIII century.
The Chapel is famous for its magnificent medieval
stained-glass windows that cover
over 600 square meters of the upper chapel.



The Conciergerie is the oldest royal residence in Paris
of the Capetian dynasty epoch.
At the beginning of the XIV century
the castle was the most luxurious palace in Europe.
Later in the XIV century it was converted to prison,
where the most notable prisoner was
the Queen of France Marie-Antoinette.

pont au change - cite
Pont au Change

Built in 1860, the name of the Pont au Change
takes its origin from foreigners
who changed their foreign currency
before entering Paris city.


pont neuf - cite

Pont Neuf

The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris
that links the Cite Island
with the left and right banks.





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