Duration: 2 hours


The Latin Quarter is one of the city’s central districts, located between the left bank of Seine and the Luxembourg gardens. Since the Middle Ages this riverside area has been dominated by the Sorbonne University, and acquired its name from the early Latin-speaking students. For years the district hasn’t lost its ambiance and still retains the charm of academic community. The area is surrounded with maze of narrow, cobbled streets filled with bookshops, art galleries and cafes.

During the tour you will be attracted by numerous places of interest in Latin Quarter, such as the narrowest street in Paris – Rue du Chat-qui-Peche, a burial place for famous French heroes – the Pantheon, founded in the early XIII century – the Sorbonne University, Saint-Sulpice church of the Late Baroque style, Museum de Cluny, built on the site of Roman baths, and, finally, a pleasant oasis in the heart of Paris – the Luxembourg Gardens.



Cluny Museum

Cluny Museum was founded in 1510 by the rich and powerful XV century abbot
of Cluny Abbey, Jacques d’Amboise, who constructed his mansion over
the ruins of a Roman bath. The house built in the Flamboyant style of the Late
Gothic period is one of the two medieval aristocratic mansions remained in Paris. Since XIX century, the Cluny Museum has housed an engaging display of medieval
art as tapestries, stained glass, and other every-day articles from medieval period.
The most famous attraction is the “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestry,
reflecting the scenes of chivalry.



The heart of the Latin Quarter – the Sorbonne,
is the oldest university in Europe,
founded at the beginning of the XIII century.
Many notable people, such as Antoine Laurent Lavoisier,
Pierre and Marie Curie have studied in this university.
Also the grave of the famous French cardinal Richelieu
is placed in the church of educational institution.

pantheon - latin


The Pantheon is burial-vault for the remains
of distinguished French citizens.
Here lie the bodies of Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
Victor Hugo, Francois Walther, Mirabeau,
marshal of France Jean Lannes
and many other famed figures of French History.


jardin du luxembourg -  latin

Luxemburg Garden and Palace

The Luxemburg Garden and Palace
is a unique ensemble of palaces
and parks in the centre of Paris.
The Luxemburg Palace was built
for queen consort Marie de Medicis in the XVII century.
Nowadays building houses the French Senate,
while the surrounding gardens have become
the largest public park in Paris.

st sulpice

Saint-Sulpice Church

Saint-Sulpice Church was built over a century in several periods,
with the various architects contributing different designs.
At 113 m long, 58 m in width and 34 m tall,
the building is only slightly smaller than Notre-Dame Cathedral
and thereby the second largest church in Paris.
The main attractions of Saint-Sulpice are the Delacroix frescoes,
a Pigalle statue of the Virgin in Chapel of the Madonna,
and one of the world’s largest organs with 6,588 pipes.
The church achieved the peak of popularity
due to its prominent role in the novel “The Da Vinci Code.”

le procope - latin

Restaurant Le Procope

Le Procope is the oldest restaurant in Paris
founded in 1686 by Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli,
welcomed such famous clients as Danton,
Robespierre and Benjamin Franklin.
The decor of the restaurant is immersed in history
and inspired by the great events that took place in Paris.




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