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The sumptuous Opera Garnier was designed by the French architect Charles Garnier in times of Napoleon III.
Founded in 1862, it was opened to public only 13 years later due to the Prussian War and uprising of 1871.


opera garnier

Eclectic mix of Classical, Baroque and Renaissance architecture
was applied with a great effect to decorate
the massive monumental structure of the Opera Garnier.
The facade of the building is decorated with
rose marble columns, friezes, sculptural compositions along
with two gilded statues of Pegasus and Apollo.

opera 2


The extravagant exterior is matched with the opulent interior decor.
It is famous for its Grand Staircase made of marble,
topped by huge chandelier, numerous intricate glided decorations,
as well as for its large ceiling painted by Marc Chagall.

opera 1

Nowadays, the Opera Garnier presents a wonderfully diverse program, primarily of ballet and modern dance, offering performances by artists from all over the world.




Photo by David Henry: http://www.davidphenry.com/Paris/

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